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MainRecipesPork | Steamed Buns with Pork Filling

   Steamed Buns with Pork Filling submitted by Mom Johnson
These "buns" were a common snack found on the streets of Vietnam. They are great left-over, reheated or served room temperature. I usually double the pork filling. This recipe was taken from a magazine I found in Hong Kong, so the measurements and directions are approximate. Adjust as necessary.

Heat oil in a saucepan, then add the ground pork and sliced green onions. Cook until the pork is crumbly and no longer pink. Add the sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and freshly ground pepper to taste. Mix the cornstarch with a little bit of water and stir into the meat mixture; cook until thickened slightly. Set aside to cool.
To make the dough: Dissolve the sugar in about 1/2 cup fairly warm water, sprinkle in the yeast, mix well and allow to ferment for about 5 minutes (until foamy). Stir together the salt and 3 cups of flour in a mixing bowl, make a well in the center and gradually add the yeast mixture. Stir with a wooden spoon to mix thoroughly, then knead for about 10 minutes. Cover with a cloth and allow to rise in a warm spot for about 45-60 minutes. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Pinch off about a 2-T-sized piece and flatten with fingers. Spoon a small quantity of meat mixture into center of dough and fold up the edges to form an enclosed ball. Place buns seam-side-down in steamer over boiling water for about 10-15 minutes till dough has risen and meat filling is hot. Makes about 15-20 buns.

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v 1 pound package ground pork
v 4 green onions, sliced
v 2 T. canola oil
v 2 T. sugar
v 1/3 cup oyster sauce
v 2 T. soy sauce
v Freshly ground black pepper
v 1 T. cornstarch

v Dough:
v Slightly less than 1/2 cup sugar
v 2 packages dry yeast
v 3-4 cups flour
v 1/2 tsp. salt
v Water

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