Grandma's Yummy Jello Salad submitted by Julie Waterbury
This is a refreshing and nourishing jello salad that Grandma Rathburn liked to fix and we liked to eat.

Dissolve thoroughly the first three ingredients
Beat in the mayo with a beater
Mix in the rest of the ingredients, pour into 9x13 dish
Cover with clear plastic wrap, Refrigerate until firm

v 2 cups boiling water
v 1 lg. package lime jello
v 1 lg. package lemon jello
v 2 cups mayonnaise
v 1 lg. can evaporated milk
v 2 cups cottage cheese
v 1 lg can of crushed pineapple
v 2/3 cup of nuts (optional)
v This recipe can be halved and placed in a 9x9 dish if
v not serving a crowd.