Baby Romaine Salad with Date Vinaigrette submitted by Mom Johnson
This salad goes well with a spicy BBQ'd meat - it offsets the spiciness.

To make the vinaigrette, place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Set aside.

To make the salad:
Trim the ends of the oranges all the way to juicy flesh. Stand one orange upright and remove the peel and pith with a paring knife. Cut the sections and place in a bowl.

Toss fennel with 3 T. of the vinaigrette in a large bowl until well-coated. Add the radishes and orange segments and toss gently. Add romaine leaves and toss to combine. Sprinkle with the toasted almonds.

Serves 4-6.

v Dressing:
v 4 Medjool dates (1/4 cup)
v 1 large shallot, diced
v 2 T. fresh lime juice
v 2 T. olive oil
v 1 T. champagne vinegar
v 1/4 tsp. cayenne or Aleppo pepper

v Salad
v 4 oranges
v 2 medium fennel bulbs, cored, cut into 1/4 inch slices
v 6 radishes, quartered
v 4-5 cups baby romaine leaves
v 1/4 cup toasted almonds